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[annt] The Institute's first Birthday


This day in history, Dante Ashton produced the notion that artificial
intelligence in F/OSS was under-represented. It needed a helm, a
stronghold, a place it could call home.

On this day, history was written by the coining of the term "Synthetic
Intellect Institute". Artificial intelligence gained a face in the vastly
huge open source community. The Institute reaches its first birthday today.

We thank you all for being with the Institute and wish to see you in the
coming days. As always, we have IRC channels on FreeNode at "#sii" and
strongly recommend all Institute members to linger in this channels.

One Vision. One Purpose.
We are Artificial Intelligence.
Happy birthday SII!

Jacky Alcine, Head of Development of the Wintermute and SpeechControl
projects <jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx>
http://jackyalcine.co.cc :: contact@xxxxxxxxxx :: #sii on irc.freenode.net

Jacky Alcine
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