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Feature requests


Dear Martin,

I have an amd_64 12.04 box which I have compiled your 0.8.2-0ubuntu2 release on to use with a Genius Mousepen i608x. Pressure in gimp 2.8 works well, and I'm able to use it to draw nicely.

I have two feature requests, which I'm unaware of the feasibility of:

1) If it would be possible to add a relative mode to the driver, I would be very happy. 8"x6" is a decent size, but relative mode would allow that extra space once in a while.

2) There are a row of "hotbuttons" at the top of my tablet (see: http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/sc_b006ft4zho-02productmaplg.jpg ), which are programmable in the proprietary Windows and OS X drivers. Would it be possible to bind commands to the button regions in future releases of the driver? Generalizing further, since I assume any such feature would rely on the position of the hotbutton spaces, could any spot on the active surface be made programmable?

Thanks again for maintaining the driver!

-Bishmer Sekaran

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