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Re: Release, GitLab?


Hi Anton,

On 1/27/19 6:50 PM, Anton Gladky wrote:
- Should we disable commits on github?
I think so. Last commits are the pull request from Boon, I merged them into gitlab already.
Keeping github open after the migration would be misleading.

- Should all links in the Yade code be updated to GitLab variants?
It should be the case already. The doc in gitlab repo is visible here [1] and points to gitlab. I did not find any other github link in sources. There is still a need to 1/ redirect yade-dem.org to those pages or 2/ upload the pages on yade-dem.org.

A related issue, maybe, is that the search box is disabled on gitlab.io. We discussed that with Rémi without a clear conclusion yet.
Any idea?

Also, I just found that I searched-replaced a bit too hastly in [1], which led to a broken link to https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/yadedaily/ ; in [2]. I guess we can also migrate yadedaily repo (and make it point to gitlab simultaneously)? It would fix that link.

[1] https://yade-dev.gitlab.io/trunk/installation.html
[2] https://yade-dev.gitlab.io/trunk/installation.html#packages
- Do we prepare release from GitLab?
Yes if you don't see problems with that. It is the most up-to-date given the github/gitlab link replacement mentioned above.

Also we need to decide, how this release will be done. As usually,
creating 2019.01-branch and tagging the release there? Or creating
the single "stable" branch for all other future releases?
I would say "as usual".

I am ready to postpone the release for the next couple of days to
solve this questions, if necessary.

I am ready to postpone the freeze of github for the same reason. ;)
If there is no problem releasing from gitlab now, then we can declare migration effective and close github.

Thanks for your help.


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