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how about bringing MyTetrahedron example back to documentation?


Back in the day I wrote this simple example for Vaclav about how to
write new geometry, collision detection and constitutive laws.
I think that Anton also studied this example. You can see it here:

  git co -b old-tetra f2ddab567

  find -name "*MyTetrahedron*"

So I was going through documentation and I saw this empty section,


and I suppose that it would be a nice place to put it there.

I am not sure if I should just write .. code-block: inside .rst with
explanations of this code. And no files in the directory tree, or
maybe put it in /examples/ directory?

But /examples/ contain only *.py code, and that would be a C++ code
example. So to have it working actually I would need to put it
in /pkg/example maybe?

what do you think?

PS: yeah I still want to make those videos from some of those new 215
examples that I checked last week, but I prefer to go from one
chapter to next one, without skipping :)
Janek Kozicki

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