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Re: [Question #681091]: installation problem


I am suspecting now that _libVersions.cpp can detect some atypical
configurations in the system. So far we had problems with:

1. #include <metis.h> in

2. #include <mpi.h> in

Somehow they passed the cmake detection step, and in _libVersions.cpp there is an #ifdef guard:

1. for #include <metis.h>


2. for #include <mpi.h> in

#ifdef YADE_MPI

So cmake defines the YADE_MPI and those that use <metis.h>, but then
those files were not found. With metis it turned out that there were
two packages with similar name in gentoo. I am curious what will be
the explanation here in MPI case on Xenial.

I suppose that we would have to fix this inside cmake. I am not sure how, though.

OTOH I can make _libVersions.cpp to be totally bulletproof by putting this line:

1. for #include <metis.h>

#if defined(METIS_VER_MAJOR) && defined(METIS_VER_MINOR) && defined(METIS_VER_SUBMINOR)

2. for #include <mpi.h> in


3. similarly for everything else.

but I am afraid that it is only deferring problems to the later stage - yade
will compile, but something won't work.

what do you think?

Bruno Chareyre said:     (by the date of Mon, 27 May 2019 23:59:15 +0200)

> Hi Janek,
> Not sure I understand correctly this problem but, it seems we are not
> switching off features automatically when a package is optional? That was
> usual behavior and it would probably raise less questions.
> Do I miss something?
> Bruno

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