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Launchpad activity update 2021


Hey devs,

Here we have another update to our launchpad activity. In case that was
what you were wondering about this Monday morning...

Thanks to those of you who spend your valuable time doing launchpad
"homework." According to the opaque launchpad karma system, Jan Stránský
does more answering, at 51,709, than the rest of us combined, at 41,487. I
buy it. Meanwhile, the user 'Leonard' entered the top 4 top karma
contributors, by only *asking* questions!

All this asking and answering is clearly benefiting the Yade community. We
have sustained our high question count of ca. 300 questions per year ever
since 2017, and in the last two years we hit 400 questions :-). By the way,
get ready for spring, it seems that is when we tend to get hit with the
most questions.

[image: histogram_010221.png]

And please, don't ask me what the three year period for question activity
is all about - maybe it is linked into PhD fundings ;).

*And on an even less serious note:*

'yade' holds its position as the most common keyword in yade launchpad
question titles. I guess the users think the 'yade' forum may contain other
softwares ;). Meanwhile, 'particles' and 'contact' keywords both bumped
'model' from 2nd place down to 4th (ouch!). I am pleased to say the use of
'Error' has jumped from 42nd place to 20th!! Contrary to popular belief,
this big leap for 'Error' *proves* *definitively* that users are reading
the how to ask link <https://www.yade-dem.org/wiki/Howtoask>. Another
notable big mover was the word 'data', jumping from 36th to 24th place.
Clearly, indicating that the yade community is now handling more 'data'
than in previous years.
[image: barchart_wordFreq_010219.png]

Have a good week and thanks again for helping build the
https://answers.launchpad.net/yade knowledge base :-)


PNG image

PNG image