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Re: would a HarmonicForceEngine be of any interest?


Thank you Bruno. I think I know how although I have not done it
before.  I followed the instructions at
https://yade-dem.org/doc/gitrepo.html?highlight=merge%20request and
tried method 1, but I got an error message "You are not allowed to
push code to this project.".  I don't think I can do method 2 as I do
not have GitLab Runners installed.  Do you need to add permission for
me to push a branch?  My gitlab username is daniel.kiracofe

>Hi Daniel, it makes sense. You are welcome to show this in a merge request (do you know how?).
>On 12/05/2021 14:25, Daniel Kiracofe wrote:
>>For my own purposes, I have written a HarmonicForceEngine, which is
>>exactly what it sounds like.  Identical to HarmonicMotionEngine, but
>>applies proscribed forces instead of proscribed motion. Would this be of
>>interest to anyone else? If so I can submit a merge request.

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