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New Yade version, beginning of January 2022 - Release notes.


I might have misplaced some merge request titles. Then please edit this list.

Short summary of 2022.01a release:
short title (Merge Request count)

Documentation                         (40 MRs)
clang-format & reorganize             (21 MRs)
Bug fixes                             (19 MRs)
Small improvements                    (19 MRs)
Tests & checks & CI                   (18 MRs)
Fluid & thermal & particle saturation (15 MRs)
Packaging improvements & building     (11 MRs)
High precision RealHP<N> ComplexHP<N> ( 8 MRs)
Examples                              ( 7 MRs)
LevelSet                              ( 4 MRs)
OpenMPI calculations                  ( 4 MRs)
GUI                                   ( 3 MRs)
Polyhedra                             ( 1 MRs)
Alpha shapes                          ( 1 MRs)

Documentation                         (40 MRs)
  Add version badge, but only in html. In .pdf only put a link to svg.
  Docker install section in documentation
  Doc enhancements in CohFrict* (mostly) and NormShearPhys
  Homepage cleaning
  SpherePack.toSimulation docstring
  Docs HM - Viscous damping - updated the Hertz-Mindlin docs to clarify how viscosity is currently calculated in the code
  Fix broken links in docs
  Affiliation update
  Yade articles update
  Doc of http overview: mentioning lynx
  Updating momentRotationLaw doc in CohFrict classes
  HarmonicForceEngine Documentation Typo
  Add discord server link to home page, combine both wiki links into one.
  nicer keys for some bibitems + dodge czech accents issues with bibtex (sorry Václav Šmilauer)
  fix #219 : update docs about merging from other people's forks, cf. !511
  Add bib reference
  Add 3 PHD-thesis from TUBAF
  improve git docs: add a link to the progit-book https://github.com/progit/progit2
  Small mailmap update
  ymport.stl documentation
  Prog doc minor update about internal (Yade) bibliographic references
  Docstring typos
  Doc update of O.dynDt and O.dt
  Doc of O.save / O.load
  Documentation about how to add new GUI tests to the pipeline.
  sort ENABLE_* in CMakeLists.txt and in doc/sphinx/installation.rst
  Add comments & documentation about VTKRecorder and const Real&
  Clump discretization doc
  Improve documentation about clang-format / yapf3
  Doc update about FEMLIKE feature ON by default
  Update yade-articles.bib
  Clump discretization doc updated again
  Increase clarity of thermalengine doc
  Replace obsolete YADE_REQUIRE_FEATURE in docs with info about #ifdef YADE_FEATURE
  Better url links in gitlab doc
  Doc 3rd edition
  fix one affiliation and release new DOI
  Add our high precision paper to bibliography doc/yade-articles.bib and HighPrecisionReal.rst
  PBCdoc - better DOCs - formulation.html periodic boundary conditions and yade.wrapper.Cell
  progTypoVector3rZero - Getting rid of historical Vector3R::ZERO in prog doc as well

clang-format & reorganize             (21 MRs)
  clang format single line if
  Small clang reformat
  Fix #175 - standarize start line #! in all the examples
  small clang reformat
  Python format preparations: to start work on #228 create scripts/python-formatter.sh using yapf3
  Remove \ at end of line from *.py files, as recommended in yapf3 docs
  Python reformat: ./doc/sphinx
  splitting (1/7) from pkg/* the FileGenerator and other heavy stuff which are not physical models.
  splitting (2/7), merge after !733, split SnapshotEngine to postprocessing/image
  splitting (3/7), merge after !733, split PotentialBlock PotentialParticle to pkg/potential
  splitting (4/7), merge after !733, split Polyhedra to pkg/polyhedra
  splitting (5/7), merge after !733, !738, split VTKRecorder to postprocessing/vtk
  splitting (7/7), merge after !733, !739, split of Split Polyhedra.cpp → Polyhedra_01.cpp, Polyhedra_02.cpp
  splitting (6/7), further split of VTKRecorder
  splitting (7/7), split Shop and SpherePack to preprocessing/dem
  Python yapf3 reformat of ./py/tests/
  Python yapf3 reformat: scripts/python-formatter.sh ./scripts/checks-and-tests
  Revert split VTKRecorder, PartialSatClayEngine, TwoPhaseFlowEngine
  Following discussion in !783 convert all files to UNIX line endings.
  Add line ending guard to the CI in make_minimal, just like clang-format.
  Small progress with #228 (yapf3 reformat), part of examples.

Bug fixes                             (19 MRs)
  Collider optimization (fix #186)
  Fix some boost_python37 issue with cmake
  fix getRotStiffness for GlobalTimeStepper
  remove extra creepedShear (copied by accident from ViscoFrictPhys)
  Fix compilation with g++11 (a subset of !624)
  Fix issue #184 (aka question #694548)
  fix Qt inspector with deleted bodies (includes: don't try to find a defaut body at startup)
  Fix #200 collider segfault + function renaming
  fix condition that would result in missing virtual interactions when PFacets have parallel edges
  fix use of extMaterial in cylinderConnection (https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/697238)
  extra test and fix for .def_readonly(…) function
  fix problem https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/697874
  Fix SnapshotEngine (part of issue #230)
  Fix #234 - On new QT5 versions: "The constructor with a shareWidget is deprecated", thanks Luc OGER!
  small fix in GUI tests, fix long double ubuntu 20.04 compilation.
  Lubrication keps calculation fix.
  Fix #244 - also lock bodies drawloopmutex when drawing interactions.
  Fix accuracy issue when solving a polynomial + don't erase active intractions in traction
  Fix color_cycle deprecated matplotlib warning

Small improvements                    (19 MRs)
  remove compile warning
  Add virtual override keyword, add some const keywords; Fix #197
  Add -Wshadow, simpler CMakeLists.txt
  fix #202 (-Wshadow name conflict) rename k → kParallelForeachIndexCounter in YADE_PARALLEL_FOREACH_BODY_BEGIN
  Add -Wswitch-default to CMakeLists.txt
  CMAKE_UNITY_BUILD (faster build times) documentation and smallfix 
  Fix #204 - UNITY_BUILD works with cpp Logging
  Use boost::enable_shared_from_this, this should help with #199 (mess with type casting) and #205 (unintended python variables)
  Rename CentralGravityEngine → CentralConstantAccelerationEngine
  Add example for making screenshots of --stdperformance (examples/test/performance/checkPerf.py)
  Removing incomplete and unused TriaxialTest.biaxial2dTest
  add new HarmonicForceEngine, identical to HarmonicMotionEngine but applies force instead of displacement
  homogenize feature names and -DENABLE_FEATURE options in the cmake step
  Add script to get LP-questions
  Add option to allow gravity to be excluded from numerical damping in NewtonIntegrator
  A new onlyReal in O.interactions.has
  Not Urgent Change in Warning message
  Add blockMeshDict() to ymport.py - openfoam's blockMeshDict file can be imported into yade.
  ymport.py: Check FoamFile header and handle comments.

Tests & checks & CI                   (18 MRs)
  Test GUI enum instead.
  skip mkHP_float in WIP and Draft.
  Don't flood the checks with warnings from BodyContainer and add LOG_ONCE_*
  Don't test Constants.hpp three times, small cleanup in tests.
  Add thermal engine check script 2 to pipeline
  temporarily increase btemp tolerance, fix #218, https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/jobs/1259015083
  Fix #168 Use yade-data as submodule
  Fix #132 - add screenshot verification to GUI tests
  small fix in GUI test, don't print something that's not expected in a screenshot of a passed test
  Remove attempts to filter outliers while the test is running (it was incorrect)
  Add GUI test for hopper
  Small progress towards issue #169 and faster compilation: split PartialSatClayEngine, TwoPhaseFlowEngine into two smaller files each
  Add -Ofast native maximum optimization option to CMakeLists.txt
  Add GUI test for SnapshotEngine
  Fix #169 - 32 bit ASAN debug i386 build.
  Maybe remove i386 from pipeline CI, maybe discuss #239
  See #241 : temporarily run debian bookworm check only on newer processors.
  Revert newhardware tag, because #241 is fixed.

Fluid & thermal & particle saturation (15 MRs)
  report useful runtime errors and fix PartialSatClayEngine
  Quick bug fix for thermalengine
  Parallelize fluid conduction in ThermalEngine, brace for distro complaints.
  Increase checkThermalEngine.py tolerance because of ENABLE_FAST_NATIVE=ON
  HydroForceEngine: fix small errors in the fluid resolution
  HydroForceEngine: add initialization function and simplify turbulentFluctuations
  HydroForceEngine: modify and simplify averageProfile()
  HydroForceEngine: add new mixing length formulations to the fluid resolution
  fixing delT scope bug, thanks Zoheir Khademain.
  Pfv smallfix
  Parallelization of fluid conduction still tricky - reverting back to a stable state until a new solution can be pushed.
  HydroForceEngine and Law2_ScGeom_ViscElPhys_Basic: add an option to apply lubrication
  Make decoupleForces work as 1 way coupling
  Lubrication gap small fix
  Turn flow.defTolerance off by default

Packaging improvements & building     (11 MRs)
  Use clang-11
  Build pkgs separately and link in one step
  Workaround #201 linker problems
  Add some needed dependencies for yade-deb
  Add DISABLE_ALL option
  Add archlinux support.
  Add debian/bookworm
  Update due to debian/bookworm
  Add Ubuntu 22.04 build
  Workaround for #155 (Freeglut 3, fgStructure.CurrentWindow is NULL - crash)
  Revert "Workaround for #155" - Freeglut is fixed. Drop all workarounds.

High precision RealHP<N> ComplexHP<N> ( 8 MRs)
  Clang 11 RealHP, fix #193
  small python HP improvements
  Use LOG_ONCE_* in DecomposedReal
  Extra static_assert tests for RealHP, ComplexHP
  Serialization of Complex numbers: both GUI and .xml / binary.
  Improve handling of complex numbers
  Proper high precision Complex support. MPFR ↔ MPC, float128 ↔ complex128
  Precising HP doc

Examples                              ( 7 MRs)
  Add example scripts for alpha shapes
  Add placeholder for high precision triple-pendulum example
  Add the triple pendulum script examples for our paper
  More alpha shape examples
  Conical Damage Model with pressure dependent inter-particle friction coefficient - implementation and examples of a new contact law
  HydroForceEngine examples: update and add new examples
  LevelSet example has been extended

LevelSet                              ( 4 MRs)
  ISC is forced to be serial with 0 verletDist, avoiding the LOG_ERROR in that case
  LevelSet shape 0/N : beginning of several merge requests for giving a new LevelSet shape
  Level set 1/N: example and VTK visualization stuff - New Python functions or files, and modifications to VTKRecorder for visualization purposes.
  Level set (N-1)/N - LevelSet shaped bodies can now interact (without touching InteractionLoop as discussed at some point in the past). Add example & check.

OpenMPI calculations                  ( 4 MRs)
  Dem8 benchmarks final update
  DEM8_Benchmarks: Silo Flow and the Penetration Test scripts using SI units (m-N-Pa-kg).
  revert !596 - see what happens with more testing: checkMPISilo.py
  Add mpi-default-bin to depends of yadedaily. Fixes #216 (some docker images didn't have mpirun command)

GUI                                   ( 3 MRs)
  Fix rendering of labels in Potential* Gl1 functors for wire=True
  Fix #27 - fix problem with wrong ETA estimation, by removing it.
  GUI serialization shows more info if there is an unhandled type.

Polyhedra                             ( 1 MRs)
  Polyhedra warning about vertices number

Alpha shapes                          ( 1 MRs)
  Add alpha shapes support & example

Janek Kozicki, PhD. DSc. Arch. Assoc. Prof.
Gdansk University of Technology (Gdansk Tech)
Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics
Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Information
http://pg.edu.pl/jkozicki (click English flag on top right)