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Re: Compile on Froggy cluster


On 11/20/18 3:35 PM, Robert Caulk wrote:
We might consider adding a line that creates an alias for yadedaily:

echo "alias yadempi-daily='/nix/store/gbdypqd9h84gkda2idd4yfzvwl5gq4w2-yadedaily-mpi/bin/yadempi-daily'" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
No need, "nix-env -if yadedaily.nix" will already  add yadedaily-mpi in your PATH.
After following the directions and adding an alias, I am able to run yadempi-daily.
Please erase the alias to be sure it is not the cause of the problem below.

But I cannot run python update-daily.py or the final mpiexec test. Here are the errors I ran into while following the directions:
My previous instruction set probably miss this in the beginning (from http://ciment.ujf-grenoble.fr/wiki/index.php/Yade-dem, it seems William has been updating that wiki page?):

nix-env -i python2.7-ipython nix-prefetch-git openmpi|

In the long run it would be better to use a non-compiling nix package that would just set the development environment, or switch to Deepak's .
That's because current method will rebuild yade as a whole after any incremental change of one file, i.e. cpu time, human time, and disk space, are wasted.
Maybe not a priority now.

See you tomorrow