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Coordination of next week


Hi François and Deepak,
As you may be both working on mpi next week I'm opening this discussion to
try and coordinate.
I suggest we refer to my TODO list as it appears on gitlab

>From recent discussions I feel that François may concentrate on point 3
while Deepak may continue point 2. Do you both agree?
for point 1 you will have to interact. From now on I suggest to avoid
working on duplicated clones (or even duplicated branches...) since it
sounds safe in the short term but it generates a lot of work for merging
later. We have presently three versions of mpy.py... git is designed to
handle regressions, reverts, conflicts, etc. no need to reinvent the wheel.

About intersections and mirror intersections: please refrain from moving
their definition+assignement to c++ too early since 1/ its's not critical
since it happens only when collision detection occurs and 2/ many
opimizations can be experimented (e.g. those lists contain non-necessary
bodies atm, they could be updated asynchroneously,...) and that would be
painful to experiment such things in C++.
I actually planned to submit a 2nd hackaton subject which could be about
optimal handling of these intersections and of body re-allocation, and I'd
like it to not involve c++.



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