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mpi interactivity


After speaking with François and turning the problems in various ways I
feel that the idea of full interactivity combined with mpi execution is

The only realistic solution I come up with, would use the HD to communicate
the scene to a mpi system call. O.mpirun() run would do something like this
if called outside mpi context (i.e. interactively):

import subprocess
subprocess.run(["mpiexec -n N yade --mpi -niter=1000 userscript.py"])

The "--mpi" option would trigger:
O.load("tmp.yade") #if master
O.mpirun() #the real, current, mpi behavior
O.save("tmp.yade") #by master, after a mergeScene()

It probably requires that the userscript encapsulates function definitions,
that's a small constraint:

def main():
    def function():

if __name__ == "__main__":

Let me know if you see other alternatives.


Bruno Chareyre
Associate Professor
ENSE³ - Grenoble INP
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