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RE: A question about YADE compilation and install


Thanks, I have modified those files with stupidnames added:), now I am able to 
run ./yade in the /bin directory, however, when I opened the 
Preprocessor->File Generator, I only see the output file name is 
../data/scene.xml, the Generator name is a blank list, I saw the website:

"Generator name is the name of the class used to generate this file. You can 
pick anything from the list, and see what it generates. If you happen to write 
a new generator plugin, and a path to this plugin was added in preferences, 
then it will automatically appear in this drop down list."

Is there any place I should place my plugins or data?

Thanks a lot!


Yes this is the wrong place to post this question. Go to yade.berlios.de and 
register to yade-users mailing list so that people will be able to take 
advantages of your problems and the solutions given to them. So it would be 
good if you repost your question on it so that I will be able to put the 
following lines on the site.

But I still can answer your question :)
There are indeed some problems with fedora 4 and gcc 4. Gcc 4 generates error 
when it  encounters some anonymous  enum (it was not the case with previous 
version of gcc). It means it is no longer possible to write something like 
"enum {value = 1 }". You now have to write "enum enumname {value = 1 }". The 
problem is that under fedora 4 the default compiler is gcc4 and that some 
header files from stl still contain anonymous enum !!.  Basically what you 
have to do is to edit those .h files and put some stupid useless name to the 
If I remember correctly I had  to modify the file 
/usr/include/c++/4.0.1/bits/cpp_type_traits.h (of course if you have only gcc 
4.0.0 replace 4.0.1 with 4.0.0 :) ).
Inside this file you have a lots of lines that look like this :

    struct __is_integer<bool>
      enum { __value = 1 };
      typedef __true_type __type;

so replace all those lines with something like that :

    struct __is_integer<bool>
      enum stupidname1 { __value = 1 };
      typedef __true_type __type;

Choose a different name for each enum (like stupidname1,stupidname2 ...)
In that file I've modified roughtly 28 enum.

You may have the same problem with some Qt headers (qcolor.h I think).


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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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