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Re: loading a modified plugin fails


-- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> > If you are interested, I could post a screenshot
> as
> > well.
> yes, why not! I'd like to see what you have done :))

Assuming that not too many people are subscribed I
attach two screenshots. One which just shows the model
after some simulation time and one which shows the gui
of the modified file generator and a couple of
different views of the model. The serialization works
great ! I would also gladly contribute the file
generator derived from SDECSpherePlane if there is
update: It turns out that the message went to the
moderator of the list for approval because with the
attachments it became too large. 

> > I noticed that there were attempts in the code to
> > define an period of activity for an action. Is
> this
> > still pursued ?
> yes, it is. We just need to find a way to make it
> clear to use and clean in design.

I imagine that this needs some clear thinking. Sofar
running the simulation and generating the initial
setup were very separated. I think it is more flexible
and fruitful to be able to stop the simulation at some
point, activate (add) an actor or remove one, and
restart. So it maybe worthwhile to think about a
simulation editor. It could be completely
non-graphical. Perhaps this is better
accomplished after binding a script language to
exposed c++ classes(?) and methods(?).

> yes, we need a GUI to be able to draw model for
> simulation. I'm still
> thinking about how it could be done. But this is a
> difficult task
> itself, although I'm thinking about it, don't expect
> it soon, we still
> need to figure out yade internals itself. Such gui
> will rather not
> happen sooner than next year.

Agree completely and one must be careful where time
should be spent.

> in the end - for now - unfortunately you must stick
> to using
> FileGenerator, and/or vim or some other scripts to
> modify .xml file.

Yes, this is fine with me. A missing piece for now may
be the ability to save a full simulation at any stage.

> save/load from QtGUI will be added quite soon.

great ! You had mentioned that the Null-gui will save
to .xml as well ?

On another note: Did you have a chance to contact the
author of the linking/bonding code/formulas ? 


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