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Re: loading a modified plugin fails


> If you are interested, I could post a screenshot as
> well.

yes, why not! I'd like to see what you have done :))
> I noticed that there were attempts in the code to
> define an period of activity for an action. Is this
> still pursued ?

yes, it is. We just need to find a way to make it clear to use and clean
in design.

> Another way to approach the problem would be to be 
> able to save a model after some period of simulation,
> modify it by deleting or adding elements and then
> restart the simulation.

that would be useful, of course :)

> In the end, there needs to be a way to setup a model
> without compiling code.

yes, we need a GUI to be able to draw model for simulation. I'm still
thinking about how it could be done. But this is a difficult task
itself, although I'm thinking about it, don't expect it soon, we still
need to figure out yade internals itself. Such gui will rather not
happen sooner than next year.

in the end - for now - unfortunately you must stick to using
FileGenerator, and/or vim or some other scripts to modify .xml file.

save/load from QtGUI will be added quite soon.

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