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Re: moving wall, editor.


> > Please make sure it compiles with your version
> before
> > you submit it for inclusion.
> yes, I did :) my compiler was complaining about
> calling
> sin(int), but I fixed it quickly.

 That was just the quickest way I could think of
having colored layers.
> > I do not know anything about svn (and not much
> about
> > cvs) except for the instructions on how to check
> out
> > the whole tree.
> you can try rapidsvn, it's good for browsing.
> Especially
> useful for me is right_click->log (although it takes
> time
> to complete)

I will install and look at it.

> > I still think it would be great to control yade
> with a
> > scripting language.
> hm, maybe now I have an idea how to do that. That
> would be another
> frontend for yade. Some kind of interpreter, just
> like bash, script-fu
> or ocaml.
> it would execute commands, for example one per line,
> along with their
> arguments. You could call any class and its function
> by typing its
> name and its arguments.

I think this would make the yade framework much more
powerful. Apparently, python has good
object-orientation but I do not pretend to understand
if and how this would make it more feasible to access
yade c++ code, classes and functions.
> For that half of the work is done: every class in
> yade has a name as a
> string, and every serializable attribute of a class
> has a name as a
> string too. But functions do not have names, inside
> yade they are just a
> memory address.
> If we could identify each function of each class
> with its name, then we
> would have everything to have a total scripting
> power.
> this sounds temptimg. I will think about that.

If there is something I could be helpful with, please
let know.

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