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Re: Interpret the SDECSpheresPlane data file



Unfortunately your post was so badly formatted, that I barely understood
what you meant. In the future make sure that your posts have a newline in
places where it is intended. And if I misunderstood you, please ask again :)

now, the answers to questions that you have possibly asked:

se3.orientation is not an angular velocity. it is an orientation of a
sphere. In other words it is its current rotation, just like
se3.position is current position. This orientation consists of 4
numbers, because it is a quaternion number. You can convert quaterion
toRotationMatrix, or toAxisAngle if you need to.

you can record anything you want, including mass, radius and volume. but
mass is not stored in class PhysicalParameters, it is stored in class
ParticleParameters derived from PhysicalParameters, so to access it you
must perform a static_cast:

//                   casto TO              cast FROM
rr = static_cast<ParticleParameters*>(b->physicalParameters.get())->mass;

if you want radius, you can do something very similar, but you must cast
TO a class that contains radius FROM a class that is an inheritance
parent of class which contains radius:

radius = static_cast<GeometricalModel*>(b->geometricalModel.get())->radius;

PS: sooner or later all that recorders will become easier to use,
without recompiling source code each time when you want to record
something else.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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