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RE: Interpret the SDECSpheresPlane data file


Hi, thanks for your answer, I am sorry to have made a badly formatted post, 
however, I think this might due to the mailing system? I got one previous post 
from someone has the some problem, although I think it was previously well 
formatted (mine is also formatted before posting), I will go on debugging this 

Have a great day!

Feng, Chen

>===== Original Message From Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> =====
>Unfortunately your post was so badly formatted, that I barely understood
>what you meant. In the future make sure that your posts have a newline in
>places where it is intended. And if I misunderstood you, please ask again :)
>now, the answers to questions that you have possibly asked:
>se3.orientation is not an angular velocity. it is an orientation of a
>sphere. In other words it is its current rotation, just like
>se3.position is current position. This orientation consists of 4
>numbers, because it is a quaternion number. You can convert quaterion
>toRotationMatrix, or toAxisAngle if you need to.
>you can record anything you want, including mass, radius and volume. but
>mass is not stored in class PhysicalParameters, it is stored in class
>ParticleParameters derived from PhysicalParameters, so to access it you
>must perform a static_cast:
>//                   casto TO              cast FROM
>rr = static_cast<ParticleParameters*>(b->physicalParameters.get())->mass;
>if you want radius, you can do something very similar, but you must cast
>TO a class that contains radius FROM a class that is an inheritance
>parent of class which contains radius:
>radius = static_cast<GeometricalModel*>(b->geometricalModel.get())->radius;
>PS: sooner or later all that recorders will become easier to use,
>without recompiling source code each time when you want to record
>something else.
>Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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