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reloading scene after sphere interaction


I got the latest svn version. It compiles (with
openglwrapper changes) with all the changes. Then I
went ahead to try out the new "save" button in the
simulation controller. Here is the problem. When I
load a saved xml scene, it loads fine but restarting
the simulation makes spheres disappear into nirvana.
Try this:

1) generate the default MovingWall xml scene.
2) run it in the simulation controller for about 200
3) save the xml
4) load the xml
5) restart the simulation

see the problem ?

This only happens after spheres start to be in
contact. During the settling phase (to about iteration
50) saving and restarting works fine.

So there needs to be some more state information,
probably about the interaction, which would need to
be saved as well, right ? 

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