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Re: Question about getting started with Yade


Pooyan said:     (by the date of Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:23:40 -0800 (PST))

>        I am so interested in becoming familiar with the Yade. I have download Yade-all, Yade-example

that should be enough to get moving with yade.

> as well as all files in following address: http://blabluga.hell.pl/QGLViewer/sarge.

this package is intended only for debian users. And you shouldn't download
files from there, but add apt repository to your /etc/apt/sources-list
file, then install qglviewer-gd with aptitude.

>   -  boost 1.32 or higher, including date-time, filesystem and thread library
>   - libqglviewer
>   - libglut development package
>   - qt3 development package
>   - qmake
>   -  kdevelop 3.0 or higher
>   - valgrind (inside kdevelop, or with alleyoop)
>   - kcachegrind (requries callgrind to run)
>   I do not have them on my computer and I don't know how I can get them.

if you have debian, then you can install them with aptitude too. if you
have other flavour of linux, then it's done in a different way, you
should figure it out yourself ;) (or ask someone who knows your linux
distribution, because I know only debian ;)

> I would indebted to you to help me to learn how can I start with the
> Yade and run it on my computer for the first time.

you are welcome to post your questions to yade-users mailing list, in the
future please write to that mailing list, and not to me personally. That
is because when you write to the mailing list, then other people see
your questions and can answer them. So there are more people to answer,
not just me! There is a higher chance that you will get the answer

also you should read the archives of yade-users mailing lists. People
have already asked questions about how to compile yade for the first
time. Perhaps you will have questions that already have been answered?

see you on the mailing list! :))

PS: very nice to see a new user, welcome! :)

Janek Kozicki                                                         |