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Question about getting started with Yade


Dear Janek,
       I am so interested in becoming familiar with the Yade. I have download Yade-all, Yade-example, as well as all files in following address: http://blabluga.hell.pl/QGLViewer/sarge.
   In the requirement sections it says I must have: 
  -  boost 1.32 or higher, including date-time, filesystem and thread library
  - libqglviewer
  - libglut development package
  - qt3 development package
  - qmake
  and it says: If you plan to start developing with yade, we recommend using: 
  -   kdevelop 3.0 or higher
  - valgrind (inside kdevelop, or with alleyoop)
  - kcachegrind (requries callgrind to run)
  I do not have them on my computer and I don't know how I can get them. I would indebted to you to help me to learn how can I start with the Yade and run it on my computer for the first time.
  Thanks in advance for your attention,
  Pooyan Asadollahi
  M.Sc. Geotechnical Engineering
  University of Tehran, Iran
  Tel: ++98 21 2222-3955
  Cell: ++98 912 306-2697
  Email: puyasd@xxxxxxxxx

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