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I will start coding something to control forces on the sides of an "axis aligned" box by modifying its size (triaxial test...). In my understanding of Yade, the best way is to create a DeusEx engine similar to e.g. TranslationEngine (Janek, do you agree?). But in this case, the engine need the total forces Fk (k=1,...,6) applied on each side of the wall.

The fastest way to obtain the Fk is probably to increment them in a modified version of ElasticContactLaw.

Another way could be to compute the forces inside the DeusEx Engine itself, by retrieving all sphere-box interactions and summing the corresponding forces. In that case, is there a way to get a list of all interactions on a box (more generally, considering a Body b0, is there a quick way to get all interactions which have b0 as body?) ? or does it need to go through all interactions and see which belong to the box ?

Another simple question :

In "PhysicalActionApplier.cpp", I see

operator()( action , (*bodies)[id]->physicalParameters,(*bodies)[id].get() );

Which class operator() belongs to??



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