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Re: The convergence criterion in YADE


Feng, Chen said:     (by the date of Sun, 8 Jan 2006 01:40:55 -0500)

> I am currently trying to implement the CC in YADE according to the previous 
> discussion, I wonder if I can get some help for the following issues:
> (1)
> how can I get the contact force 

it is inside PhysicalActionContainer

> ParticleParameters* pp = 
> dynamic_cast<ParticleParameters*>(body->physicalParameters.get()); //How can I 
> find the detailed implementation of the ParticleParameters?

look at ParticleParameters.hpp ;)

> or
> MetaBody::shared_ptr<PhysicalActionContainer> //I am wondering how I can use 
> it

I know that the idea/purpose of PhysicalActionAcontainer needs
explanations, and it's not easy to explain... :( 

For start just think of it as a 'response' of interaction. This response
must be stored somewhere. Some programmers would simply place the
reaction force inside a class Sphere, or somewhere there. It just gets
easier to connect with other plugins (thus making code more flexible) if
it's separated.

> Therefore my first problem is how to get all the contact forces on a single 
> sphere through that variable?

use grep on source code, in fact ./yade-scripts/makeFlat could be useful
for you. It makes symlinks to all files in directory flat. Then you can
grep all files for all occurrences of PhysicalActionAcontainer, so that
you can observe how it is used. Once you do that you will quickly find
out how to extract from it a force for each body in your system.
> (2) When I have summed all the forces on a body(sphere), and if the 
> calculation has reached a boundary value which the calculation should be 
> stopped, how can I terminate the calculation in the program, e.g. in the 
> ForceRecorder.cpp?

It should be somethong like Omega::instance().stopSimulation(); or
something like that. I'm typing this off my head without checking.

> BTW, I have downloaded the YADE manual in the svn, I compiled the 
> YadeUserManual.tex with WINEDT in WinXP, have you put figures in the manual:)?

If you managed to go that far to obtain (unfinished) manual, I must let
you get the images:


But beware! That manual is still not ready to release, you can read it,
if you want. And in fact if you do - you are welcome to report
inconsitences, grammar mistakes, and things that are badly explained not
possible to understand, or missing.

As a side note - I'm must apologize for my little feedback in past
weeks, that is because my PhD work heats, and next week I'll be opening
it, to defend at the end of the year. So I have a presentation to make,
and all that stuff.

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