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RE: The convergence criterion in YADE


Thanks a lot for the help, and I am now able to record the position, 
displacement, vecolity of the spheres.

>===== Original Message From Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> =====
>Feng, Chen said:     (by the date of Sun, 8 Jan 2006 01:40:55 -0500)
>> I am currently trying to implement the CC in YADE according to the previous
>> discussion, I wonder if I can get some help for the following issues:
>> (1)
>> how can I get the contact force
>it is inside PhysicalActionContainer
>> ParticleParameters* pp =
>> dynamic_cast<ParticleParameters*>(body->physicalParameters.get()); //How 
can I
>> find the detailed implementation of the ParticleParameters?
>look at ParticleParameters.hpp ;)
>> or
>> MetaBody::shared_ptr<PhysicalActionContainer> //I am wondering how I can 
>> it
>I know that the idea/purpose of PhysicalActionAcontainer needs
>explanations, and it's not easy to explain... :(
>For start just think of it as a 'response' of interaction. This response
>must be stored somewhere. Some programmers would simply place the
>reaction force inside a class Sphere, or somewhere there. It just gets
>easier to connect with other plugins (thus making code more flexible) if
>it's separated.
>> Therefore my first problem is how to get all the contact forces on a single
>> sphere through that variable?
>use grep on source code, in fact ./yade-scripts/makeFlat could be useful
>for you. It makes symlinks to all files in directory flat. Then you can
>grep all files for all occurrences of PhysicalActionAcontainer, so that
>you can observe how it is used. Once you do that you will quickly find
>out how to extract from it a force for each body in your system.
>> (2) When I have summed all the forces on a body(sphere), and if the
>> calculation has reached a boundary value which the calculation should be
>> stopped, how can I terminate the calculation in the program, e.g. in the
>> ForceRecorder.cpp?
>It should be somethong like Omega::instance().stopSimulation(); or
>something like that. I'm typing this off my head without checking.
>> BTW, I have downloaded the YADE manual in the svn, I compiled the
>> YadeUserManual.tex with WINEDT in WinXP, have you put figures in the 
>If you managed to go that far to obtain (unfinished) manual, I must let
>you get the images:
>But beware! That manual is still not ready to release, you can read it,
>if you want. And in fact if you do - you are welcome to report
>inconsitences, grammar mistakes, and things that are badly explained not
>possible to understand, or missing.
>As a side note - I'm must apologize for my little feedback in past
>weeks, that is because my PhD work heats, and next week I'll be opening
>it, to defend at the end of the year. So I have a presentation to make,
>and all that stuff.
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