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Is there a way to record the total rotated angle (rotational displacement) for the spheres?


Like in the positionOrientation recorder, the position of the sphere can be 
obtained through: tx = b->physicalParameters->se3.position[0]...
How to record the angular position of the particle itself?
Since I want to implement a displacement convergence criterion, which will use 
the following equation:

Tolerance = _________________ < eps

The ||D[i]|| is the Elclidean norm, therefore I think both the translational 
displacement and rotational displacement should be recorded, the translational 
displacement can be recorded through b->physicalParameters->se3, is there any 
variable record the rotational displacement in RigidBodyParameters? Or I can 
have a way to implement it? 
THanks a lot

With best regards,

Feng, Chen
Graduate Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
(865) 974-4835 (Office)

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