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Re: "off contact" interaction


I think that quickest solution for you would be to:

- increase radius in InteractingSphere, 

- but spheres will start to bounce each other with ElasticContactLaw as
  if they were in contact, so remove ElasticContactLaw from the list of
  actors (engines).

- now your CapillaryCohesiveLaw can work correctly when interaction is 
  detected. But inside CapillaryCohesiveLaw you must check spheres' 
  radius, and if they are in real physical contact, you must process this 
  contact using ElasticContactLaw. To do that, you unfortunately need to 
  copy/paste code from ElasticContactLaw. This is a very dirty'n'quick
  solution for you.

There is no clean solution at the moment, since multiple types of
interactions are not working yet. Possible one of clean solutions to
that would be allowing a body to have multiple interacting geometries.

This dirtyness here is an important problem, and it must be solved.

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