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Re: A strange glibc error when modifying StandAloneEngine:PositionOrientationRecorder


Feng, Chen said:     (by the date of Thu, 30 Mar 2006 18:17:34 -0500)

> Hi, all:
>     I am currently making modification in file PositionOrientationRecorder.hpp 
> and PositionOrientationRecorder.cpp and I am doing a very simple operation on 
> PositionOrientationRecorder.hpp, which is add several variables:


> 		std::ofstream ofile;
>                 ///here in the previous version, it said FIXME???


> I tried several times and after commented the std::ofstream ofile, it seems I 
> can add more variables to the class, however, seems after adding 7 variables, 
> the program will crash anyway, but if you add less than 7 variables, the glic 
> error will not occur.

do you still have this problem? sorry, unfortunately I was too busy last
week, but now I hope I can help with your problems.

That FIXME was there because I had some weird problems with ofstream,
now I think it was just because I forgot to put any filename for the
constructor, which caused ofstream to open a file without a name,
which was causing a crash.

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