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Re: problem while running YADE - first time configuration?


Hi Janek,

Thank you for your answering, I think that the problem is with the
installation of QT, I figured out that I must compiled the QT at the user
interface and NOT at the root interface (as I have done) and to remove all
old versions of QT before compilation.
So I'm trying now all the compilations from begins, the versions that I'm
using is :

gcc 3.2 (I already have on Linux 8 - Red Hat)
QT 3.3.6
libQGLViewer 2.2.2-1
boost 1.32

please tell me if those versions are compatible with YADE,
thanks for your patience,

On 6/16/06, Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:


I totally forgot before - did you configure yade properly on the first

It is possible that everything is OK, but yade can't find its own
libraries, on the first run you are asked where the libraries are

see on the bottom of this page, titles "Running" and "First time setup"


did you specify all the paths correctly? Without slash '/' at the end?

If you are not asked about configuration when you start yade, simply
delete folder ~/.yade , and the questions will appear again.

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