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Re: problem while running YADE - first time configuration?


Tal Wexler Evron said:     (by the date of Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:50:44 +0200)

> Hi Janek,
> Thank you for your answering, I think that the problem is with the
> installation of QT, I figured out that I must compiled the QT at the user
> interface and NOT at the root interface (as I have done) and to remove all
> old versions of QT before compilation.
> So I'm trying now all the compilations from begins, the versions that I'm
> using is :
> gcc 3.2 (I already have on Linux 8 - Red Hat)

I have 3.3.5. If serialization snippet works (see my other reply), then
yade must work too.

> QT 3.3.6

I have 3.3.4, should work.

> libQGLViewer 2.2.2-1

should work also, although I have an older version 2.0.1

> boost 1.32

1.32 is OK.

> please tell me if those versions are compatible with YADE,

if yade compiles. it must work. But indeed - if yade has compiled
against headers .hpp of one library version, but when it's ran - it
finds library binaries of different version (.so in /usr/lib) then it
must crash. So it's good that you have checked that.

Also, I suggest you to try to install yade in your user directory, not
in /usr/local , with those commands given on the webpage (replace
joeuser with your name ;) Before you run yade for first time please
delete directory ~/.yade . When asked for directory where GUI is found
you should give /home/joeuser/YADE/lib/yade/yade-guis

svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/yade/trunk
cd trunk
mkdir ~/YADE
cp yade-examples ~/YADE/data -r
make compile_install CXXFLAGS='-pthread -lpthread' INSTALL_DIR='/YADE' PREFIX_DIR='/home/joeuser'
cd ~/YADE/bin
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/joeuser/YADE/lib/yade/yade-libs

Also try to run ./yade -n -H

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