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Re: Yade installation


luc.scholtes said:     (by the date of Mon, 10 Jul 2006 10:18:24 +0200)

> Hi,
> I have installed all packages that are required by Yade under Kubuntu 
> 6.06, but when I try to download svn version like it is described on the 
> webpage (" /svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/yade/trunk/ "), I get the 
> following message: /svn: Can't connect to host 'svn.berlios.de': 
> Connection timed out.


Sometimes berlios server is down, this is very unfortunate. The only
thing we can do is to wait until it gets up. If it's down, usually it
is fixed in 2 or 4 hours. At the time of writing this email, berlios
server works:

svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/yade/trunk/

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