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YADE in Geomechanics


Before asking questions, I want to introduce myself. After 10 years of
professional career as civil engineer, I decided to turn back to my academic
career. Now I am a master student writing thesis in geotechnics.

Instead of preparing an ordinary thesis, I wanted to select a challenging
subject. So I decided to study on the use of DEM in geomechanical problems.
In my master thesis, I will  just introduce DEM, make some literature search
and prepare a simple problem to show the effectiveness of DEM in

I am planning to prepare my own program on this subject in PhD thesis but at
this moment I have to use a package program. I searched the web and I
realized that there are no much DEM program. I have found PFC2D/PFC3D and
EDEM as commercial and YADE as a open-source program.  So I am here to
investigate it.

I have 6 months to complete my thesis. So do you think that I can use this
program in my thesis? Also what do you recommend me to read and investigate
as reference to my study? I have to understand the theories and philosophy
behind YADE.
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