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Re: Compilation Problem


Omer Ardic said:     (by the date of Tue, 18 Jul 2006 20:45:11 +0300)

> Finally I have solved all the problems. I think I disturbed some programs
> while I was trying to solve the problems. I re-installed Mandriva. YADE now
> works fine. But "glutSolidCylinder" is still a problem - I have commented
> that line to compile the program.

I will have to investigate this problwm with glutSolidCylinder,
hopefully it will be fixed in next release ;)

> It is not a big issue but after a simulation of an example, 3d spheres in
> render mode disappear while I can see them in wiremesh.

This is a known bug. It happens only when you close SimulationController,
and then open it again. It will be fixed in next release too.

The workaround is simply to never close SimulationController once it is
opened. You can load new examples without closing it. So it should not
disturb the work with yade too much.

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