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ask some questions about lattice-beam model


Dir Sir,
I am a teacher of an University of China, Now I am developing a code to simulate fracture process 
of concrete under blast. I used a model named "Lattice Solid Model", which is constructed in the frame of DEM. i.e.
(1)Discretize the concrete structure using Qhull library, Delaunay or Voronoi lattice;
(2)create beams between tetrahedra or polyhedra in contact;
(3)calculating deformation of each beam by the relative dispalcement of two tetrahedra or polyhedra at the end of beam;
(4) verifying each beam exists or not by a law described by deformation.
(5)visulizing the result using OpenGL.
My questions as follows:
(1)what's difference between your lattice-beam model and my method above mentioned?
(2)what's difference between Discrete Element Method with Moment Law (in your web Screen shot section) and lattice-beam model?
(3)Is your contact detection method based on Deep-Swift?
(4)Can you briefly introduce the theory Lattice-beam model?
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Liu Ju
Geotechnical Research Institute of Hohai University, Nanjing, China 

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