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Re: Modification in Cundall damping - IMPORTANT


The new equations of damping have been commited to Berlios repository.

If you checkout repository, be aware that you will now have the 
CundallNonViscousForceDamping.cpp and 
CundallNonViscousMomentumDamping.cpp as modified by me...

It should not be a problem for anyone as the new equations are supposed 
to be better ;), so in fact I recommend that you update your source now :).


Janek Kozicki a écrit :

>Bruno Chareyre said:     (by the date of Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:46:35 +0100)
>>Hello all,
>>There is few modifications to be made in the equations of damping (force 
>>and momentum).
>>The current equations are of the type : for i=1,...,3 { f[i] *= 1- 
>>damping * sign(f[i]*vel[i]); }
>>in fact it should be : f *= 1- damping * sign(f.vel);  (where *= denotes 
>>product between vector and real and "." is the scalar product of two 
>>It can make a difference in some cases.
>>If everybody agree, I'll try to correct this and commit the change to 
>>the SVN repository. In the meantime I suggest that everybody doing 
>>calculation with Yade change the corresponding lines in force and 
>>momentum damping engines. (Luc : does this little sphere roll to the 
>>bottom of the big sphere with these new equations?)

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