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Re: First simulation crashes Cygwin Xserver


Hello, I am sorry for not responding to your first mail. Can you describe, 
for record, what the problem exactly consisted in and what was the solution 
so that we could (perhaps) fix it?

For the crashing xserver, it is not yade's problem (since X client should 
_never_ be able to crash the server), but I would guess that it might be due 
to 3d acceleration. Can you try locally, on a linux box? It reminds me of 
OpenGLRenderingEngine.cpp:112, where glutInit execution can be 
enabled/disabled. May that be the problem?

I am sorry for not giving a very good response, once Janek gets his thesis 
defended (a few days/weeks?!), he might be able to help you with that.



> Hello Yade Specialists!
> I finally arrived in compiling Yade. Making the first trys the  click 
> on  File -> New Simulations results in a crash of my cygwin xserver an I 
> loose the connection to the remote linux box. I know this may not be a 
> yade problem but anyway. The examples form libQGLViewer run stable.
> seen the same?
> solutions?
> hints?
> Regards
>          Stefan

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