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Re: yade name change - need your suggestions desperately


Nothing I'm really proud of...  but I hope it will give you more ideas.


DCP : dynamic computation platfrom (or even "discrete" computation platform)
ODCP : open dynamic computation platfrom
OSPEM : open source platform for explicit methods
OPEC/OPEX/OPEXCO : open platform for explicit computing
OFEC/OFEX/OFEXCO : open framework for explicit computing
OXFrame : open explicit platform
OXNAM : open and explicit

Janek Kozicki a écrit :

>It has been discussed from time to time with some people, and also on
>IRC, that the name YADE could be changed to some other, more sensible
>name. Personally I think that current name is not good, and is also
>difficult to spell - it was chosen by Olivier at start. Oliver wanted
>to use JADE but that name has already been in use by some other open
>source program.
>I am in desperate need of your suggestions. Please either suggest a
>new name, or several(!) different names. Or say that you like the old
>name. During incoming days we will collect all your suggestions, and
>then we will make a voting, where everyone will give points to each
>name. One of the names should win :)
>I think that we search for something that has a good sounding acronym,
>while delivering the message that this software (framework,
>workbench) is for: scientific, egineering, discrete, explicit,
>numerical, finite element method, lattice beam model, discrete
>element method, spherical element, etc... simulations.
>On IRC we had some (mostly crazy) ideas about the new name. I will
>list them here so you will have an idea.
>PDM    - Platform for Dynamical Modeling
>PNM    - Platform For Numerical Modeling
>CARSS  - Computational And Research Software for Scientists
>VIDAIC - Vidaic Is Delivering An Interplatform Computation
>SWEET  - Scientific Workbench for Explicit Engineering Theories
>EOS    - Extensible Open Simulation
>please free your mind, and write what name you'd like!
>We are a bit tight on time, because the paper about yade is ready to
>submit to "Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering"
>journal. And I think it's better to submit it with the correct name!
>If anyone wants to see the article before it appears in the journal,
>please let me know and I'll send it (it's a 2MB .pdf).
>Let's say that we are collecting your suggestions for one week - until
>23.april, and then we will make voting that will last until 30.april.
>After that yade will have a new name!

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