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yade name change - need your suggestions desperately



It has been discussed from time to time with some people, and also on
IRC, that the name YADE could be changed to some other, more sensible
name. Personally I think that current name is not good, and is also
difficult to spell - it was chosen by Olivier at start. Oliver wanted
to use JADE but that name has already been in use by some other open
source program.

I am in desperate need of your suggestions. Please either suggest a
new name, or several(!) different names. Or say that you like the old
name. During incoming days we will collect all your suggestions, and
then we will make a voting, where everyone will give points to each
name. One of the names should win :)

I think that we search for something that has a good sounding acronym,
while delivering the message that this software (framework,
workbench) is for: scientific, egineering, discrete, explicit,
numerical, finite element method, lattice beam model, discrete
element method, spherical element, etc... simulations.

On IRC we had some (mostly crazy) ideas about the new name. I will
list them here so you will have an idea.

PDM    - Platform for Dynamical Modeling
PNM    - Platform For Numerical Modeling
CARSS  - Computational And Research Software for Scientists
VIDAIC - Vidaic Is Delivering An Interplatform Computation
SWEET  - Scientific Workbench for Explicit Engineering Theories
EOS    - Extensible Open Simulation

please free your mind, and write what name you'd like!

We are a bit tight on time, because the paper about yade is ready to
submit to "Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering"
journal. And I think it's better to submit it with the correct name!

If anyone wants to see the article before it appears in the journal,
please let me know and I'll send it (it's a 2MB .pdf).

Let's say that we are collecting your suggestions for one week - until
23.april, and then we will make voting that will last until 30.april.

After that yade will have a new name!

# Janek Kozicki
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