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Re: yade name change - need your suggestions desperately


>Oh, you might have boasted about that earlier. It would be nice to
>know when people write papers with yade. The purpose of our paper in
>CMAME is to give people a reference publication that they can use
>everytime a paper about yade is published.

I think in that paper I didn't boast Yade:), since it is just a verification 
of Yade with some very fundamental problems compared with PFC2D but I (or 
someone else) might think it important and people would feel it reliable, when 
it is published I will let you all know.

>Well, several people had problems hearing this name when I spell it.
>Some said that it's a weird name. In my langauge (polish) this name
>is particularly difficult to spell out. So finally I thought that
>giving another chance at renaming it might be worth a try.

There is some problem when I try to spell (especially pronounce) it, Yade 
should be pronounced /'yeid/-->that is how I (Chinese) pronounce it, but my 
boss (who is an american) would prefer /'ya:da/?

Anyway, the name Yade make people think of the Yacc (Yet another 
Compiler-Compiler)??, isn't it?

With best regards,

Feng, Chen
Graduate Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

(865) 974-4835 (Office)

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