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Re: yade name change - need your suggestions desperately


Feng, Chen said:     (by the date of Mon, 16 Apr 2007 16:29:47 -0400)

> I have submitted a paper about Yade and it might soon be published, why it is 
> not good? It sounds ok for me. I am also expecting YadeWin:))

Oh, you might have boasted about that earlier. It would be nice to
know when people write papers with yade. The purpose of our paper in
CMAME is to give people a reference publication that they can use
everytime a paper about yade is published.

Well, several people had problems hearing this name when I spell it.
Some said that it's a weird name. In my langauge (polish) this name
is particularly difficult to spell out. So finally I thought that
giving another chance at renaming it might be worth a try.

Open source software changes names quite often, remember ekiga?
gnome-talk? Or gaim (renamed to Pidgin IM)? They are all changing
their names.

Of course the old name will be given on the webpage, and the old
webpage will automatically redirect to the new one. So that your
paper will not conatin an error. Actually I had two conference
proceeding (aka. publication) with name yade in them. And I don't
think it's important to keep that name for those publications. Oops,
we should make some webpage with published yade papers :) Oh, and
also in my already written PhD I used that name.

As long as the old webpage redirects to the new one it's all OK.

Anyway, voting for the old name YADE will be one of the options -
maybe it will win?

# Janek Kozicki
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