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Voting results.



I have counted all votes. Including votes from people who voted only
for a single name (I assumed they give 0 for all other names). The
votes from each person are listed here:


I double checked so I hope that I made no mistake when counting
votes from each person. But you can check your votes anyway.

The top names are:

69 | YADE-***                | 
56 | Yade                    | current name. You can vote for that too.
40 | OpenDEM / FEM / etc ... | the Open source Discrete and Explicit/Element Method
30 | Obsidian                | O(b)pen S(i)oftware for D(i)ynamic ANalysis.
28 | OpenDEM+                | "Open DEM Plus" - more than just DEM
27 | Opsidyan                | open software in dynamic analysis
25 | Nodem                   | Not Only Discrete Element Method
23 | Sweet                   | Scientific Workbench for Explicit Engineering Theories
23 | Odyssee                 | Open DYnamic Simulation Software for various Element
21 | Eos                     | Extensible Open Simulation
20 | Pyrite                  |
20 | Odin                    | Open Dynamic computatIoN platform
17 | Edy                     | explicit dynamics
17 | Skarn                   |


1. We use the old name: YADE
2. We call each package 'Open DEM', 'Open FEM', etc... so that google
   will catch the word 'Open'

Previousy I thought about calling each package just DEM and FEM. But
it looks like adding a prefix "Open" is preferred by many people: it
is 2nd place in the voting! So let it be :)

I'm sure that if voting for names was done 2 years ago, we would have
something completely different. But now, this project has some
history so we stick with the old name.

Yes - I added OpenFEM to the OpenDEM option: I think it is the only
reasonable thing to do, because YADE handles FEM too.

I'm looking forward for your comments about the results.

# Janek Kozicki
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