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Re: voting


Hi all,
I also vote for YADE-OpenXXX  ...10 points

Pay attention... not literally "OpenXXX"!!!
...but "OpenDEM", "OpenFEM", OpenBEAM,...


>>>How do I give 100 points to Frederics idea of a Yade-Open DEM /
>>>Yade-Open BEAM / Yade-Open Whatever suite? ;-)
>>>I like this idea a lot.
>>You have voted for YADE-OpenDEM and that's it.
>>The point is, however, that we seek a single name. It is obvious what
>>will be the names of various components (DEM, FEM, BEAM, etc...)
>>We will make a new website, with a new title at the top. And what
>>would we place there - three names?
>>   Yade-Open DEM / Yade-Open BEAM / Yade-Open Whatever ?
>>And add a new new each time a new package is added? Or maybe a single
>>   Yade-Open ?
>>I hope that you see the point now - the names for various components
>>are obvious. But we need a single name to name them all together.
> My vote is in fact "keep the old name".
> The "new" title at the top of the "new" site would be "Yade" then.
> The main problem with this name (Yade) is that 1) it does not indicate
> the fact that the project is open-source and 2) it gives no idea of what
> the software is.
> Currently, if you type "open fem" in google the first result is the
> openFEM site.
> If you type "open dem" you find nothing related to the DEM or Yade. Of
> course, Yade is not only a DEM platform, but DEM-package is the one wich
> have the more users, and it will attract the more people.
> Naming the packages explicitely (openDEM, openBEAM,...) in the old
> website could be enough to solve the problem on the google side.
> Everybody looking for an open dem code will find yade.
> It will be possible to refer to a specific Yade-OpenXXX package in
> publications too.
> Bruno
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