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Re: Starting a wiki - some problems



I want to thank all the people who want to have a wiki for yade,
namely the persons that already signed:

Andreas Plesch, Wenjie Shiu, Lionel Favier, Frederic Donze and Bruno Chareyre

The problem is that the core development on YADE happens in Grenoble
in Laboratory L3S and we have the same IP adress. All your supporting
comments were removed because they appear to be fake. And that could
be true - I could sit down at my computer and write hundred
supporting comments using fake names and the same IP number.

In fact all the comments that come from not registered users were deleted.
So the point is, that every one of you, before writing a supporting
comment must register first on wikia.com. Then you can use your
signature, and that will make your comment REAL, not fake.

All of you are going to work with that wiki anyway (don't worry it's
easy and I'll help if someone doesn't know how to work with wiki). So
will you need to register anyway :)

So please eveyone: if you can - please write your comment again, but
register on wikia.com first:

1. register your account
2. go to http://requests.wikia.com/wiki/Yade
3. click "edit" on the right side of "Comments from the community"
4. type something like that:

  * {{support}} Your supporting comment here, ~~~~

I hope to get this wiki running soon. I want to make next YADE release
ASAP, with the latest subversion snapshot.

BTW: Andreas Plesch, thanks for your support too, it's been some time
since your last input :)

# Janek Kozicki
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