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Re: installing YADE 11.0 on SUSE 10.2


sorry but to me, those are even more confusing than the instructions from 
the included download (or maybe to simple for me to fallow?)

but this is what i've done so far...

made changes to the scons.config file (particularly the QTDIR line) in the 
yade-0.11.0 folder
-----QTDIR = ['/usr/share/qt3', '/usr/lib/qt', '/usr/lib/qt3', 
'/usr/lib/qt3', '/usr/lib/qt4']

than ran typed scons in the command line and got this......

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Yade version is `0.11.0', installed files will be suffixed with `-0.11.0'.
All intermediary files will be in `/home/begaye/Desktop/build-0.11.0'.
Checking whether c++ compiler "g++" works...yes
Checking for pthread_exit(NULL) in C library pthread... yes
Checking for glutGetModifiers() in C library glut... no
Checking for boost::posix_time::time_duration::time_duration() in C++ 
library boost_date_tio
Checking for boost::posix_time::time_duration::time_duration() in C++ 
library boost_date_ti.. yes
Checking for boost::thread::thread() in C++ library boost_thread-mt... yes
Checking for boost::filesystem::path() in C++ library boost_filesystem-mt... 
Checking for boost::filesystem::path() in C++ library boost_filesystem... 
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/share/qt3... no
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/lib/qt... no
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/lib/qt3... yes
Checking for QGLViewer(1) in C++ library QGLViewer... yes

One of the essential libraries above was not found, unable to continue.

Check `/home/begaye/Desktop/build-0.11.0/config.log' for possible causes, 
note that there are options that you may need to customize:

    PREFIX: /usr/local [/usr/local] (Install path prefix)
runtimePREFIX: /usr/local [$PREFIX] (Runtime path prefix; DO NOT USE, 
inteded for packaging only.)
   variant:       [] (Build variant, will be suffixed to all files, along 
with version (beware: if PREFIX is the same, headers of the older version 
will still be overwritten)
     debug:  True [1] (Enable debugging information and disable 
optimizations (yes|no))
   profile: False [0] (Enable profiling information (yes|no))
  optimize: False [0] (Turn on heavy optimizations (generates SSE2 
instructions) (yes|no))
   exclude:       [none] (Yade components that will not be built
    (all|none|comma-separated list of names)
    allowed names: gui extra common dem fem lattice mass-spring 
  features: log4cxx python [python,log4cxx] (Optional features that are 
turned on
    (all|none|comma-separated list of names)
    allowed names: python log4cxx dummy)
      jobs:     4 [4] (Number of jobs to run at the same time (same as -j, 
but saved))
extraModules:  None [None] (Extra directories with their own SConscript 
files (must be in-tree) (whitespace separated))
buildPrefix:    .. [..] (Where to create build-[version][variant] directory 
for intermediary files)
   version: 0.11.0 [None] (Yade version (if not specified, guess will be 
   CPPPATH: /home/begaye/Desktop/build-0.11.0/include/yade-0.11.0 
/usr/share/qt3/include /usr/lib/qt/include /usr/lib/qt3/include 
/usr/lib/qt3/include [None] (Additional paths for the C preprocessor 
(whitespace separated))
   LIBPATH: /usr/lib/qt3/lib /usr/lib/qt3/lib [None] (Additional paths for 
the linker (whitespace separated))
     QTDIR: /usr/lib/qt3 [['/usr/share/qt3', '/usr/lib/qt', '/usr/qt/3', 
'/usr/lib/qt-3.3']] (Directories where to look for qt3)
       CXX:   g++ [g++] (The c++ compiler)
  CXXFLAGS:       [None] (Additional compiler flags; you can use them for 
tuning like -march=pentium4.)
    pretty:  True [1] (Don't show compiler command line (like the Linux 
kernel) (yes|no))
useMiniWm3:  True [1] (use local miniWm3 library instead of Wm3Foundation 

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