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YADE "Yade Open DEM: no more license problems" beta release 0.11.0



We are pleased to announce new yade release 0.11.0. Major
improvements in the code and directory cleanup was done. Build system
was changed from qmake to scons. Complete Lattice Geometrical Model
as a result of my PhD defence. Several improvements in Discrete
Element Method, capillary law (by Luc Scholtes) and triaxial test
(by Bruno Chareyre).

Among smaller improvements it is possible now to select bodies by
clicking them and moving around with mouse. Also interaction forces
are drawn between bodies and can be seen as bars with strength
related to bar thinckness.

As a result of voting on the mailing list we will call the Discrete
Element Method component of Yade as Open DEM. Other components, such
as Finite Element Method, Lattice Geometrical Model or Mass Spring
may be called Open as well: Open FEM, Open LGM, Open MM. 

That's why this release has "Yade Open DEM" in it :)
The "no more license problems" is thatnks to fact that offending
parts (swiftpp and qhull) were removed, while math library wildmagic
3 changed license to LGPL.

In fact the release was two days ago. But I am still updating the
wiki, to contain the best information necessary for newcomers.

Also, you can expect a release 0.11.1 this week, with some small bugfixes.

The new yade website is: http://yade.wikia.com

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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