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Re: installing YADE 11.0 on SUSE 10.2


ok.....we've decided halt any further attempts to install yade on opensuse 
10.2 for the time being, due to the fact that I am coming to the end of my 
internship (with one week left and nothing really to show for it), we 
decided to to switch from suse to debian, seeing as how yade was meant to 
run on debian based machines.

this time the installation went a lot smoother.....till I ran yade from the 
root terminal line;

swt110:/home/begaye/Desktop/yade-0.11.1# yade-0.11.1
Constructing ClassFactory  (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' flag!).
Constructing SerializableSingleton  (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' 
flag!).326 [3066275520] INFO yade  - core/yade.cpp:122 main: Logger uses 
basic (console) configuration since `/root/.yade-0.11.1/logging.conf' was 
not found. DEBUG messages will be ommited.
337 [3066275520] INFO yade  - core/yade.cpp:123 main: Look at the file 
doc/logging.conf.sample in the source distribution as an example on how to 
customize logging.337 [3066275520] INFO yade.Omega  - core/Omega.cpp:32 
Omega: Constructing Omega  (if multiple times - check '-rdynamic' flag!).
667 [3066275520] INFO yade  - core/yade.cpp:177 main: Loading configuration 
file: /root/.yade-0.11.1/preferences.xml
715 [3066275520] INFO yade  - core/yade.cpp:181 main: Loading plugins...
WARNING: cannot open file used for capillary law, in TriaxalTestWater
8909 [3066275520] INFO yade  - core/yade.cpp:183 main: Plugins loaded.
Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the 
authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based 
authentication failed
9302 [3066275520] INFO yade.YadeQtMainWindow  - 
gui/qt3/YadeQtMainWindow.cpp:48 YadeQtMainWindow: Loading configuration 
file: /root/.yade-0.11.1/QtGUIPreferences.xml.

oh, yade does start and I can get into the File Generator, but thats about 
it, yade then stalls and crashes, after closing yade I get a segmentation 

A new home for Mom, no cleanup required. All starts here. 

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