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Re: How many particles can be simulated one time, and how long it will take to get a good result?


kan napsal(a):
> Hi, Guys,
> My computer is 1 GB RAM, and 1.6 GHz daul core AMD CPU, I would like to 
> know that:
> 1. How many particles can be simulated one time in the DEM part with 
> YADE, I mean the maximum number that the program can handle without 
> program problem---like it will not overleak,

body id is currently signed int, so the maximum number is 2147483647, which 
is definitely more that would fit into RAM.

> 2. How long will it take to get a good result if I simulate about 
> 1Million particles with my computer? or how long it will take to compute 
> 1sec at real-world time, or what is the general time step in the DEM 
> part of YADE---the level of 1 ms, or 0.001 ms?

Those who have done large simulations (Bruno, Janek?) can respond from 
experience. For the timestep, it will be in the order of elastic wave 
propagating over the distance of particle diameter. E.g. for concrete with 
particles of 1mm and 4000m/s, it would give some 2.5e-7s, i.e. 250ns (am I 
wrong here?).

There is dynamic timestepper that will adjust dt based on stiffnesses of 


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