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Re: How many particles can be simulated one time, and how


> then do you think it is possible to increase the particle's size far from
> the wellbore but not reduce the general simulation result? or for your
> simulation experience, is small sample simulation the same as a big one in
> an acceptable tolerance?
> how will you deal with this kind of issue if you meet this kind of problem?

Ken, I will be facing the same problem (with concrete damage), I think,
duing next years. My idea is to have only the domain that will undergo
damage in DEM (perhaps even only its outer boundary with the interior as
lattice model with discrete elements being added as needed) and remote
regions that will not be damaged will be in FEM. It will be quite
difficult, since there is on coupling of those methods in yade, but that
is what I will work on most likely. I will start working on that after

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