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QGLViewer trouble ?


Hello all!

 I (re)started with yade on kubuntu on a PC using the step by step wiki 
guide and encountered some problems

 -the Kubuntu update procedure/ adept package management has changed. 
What is now the recommendet update procedure?(New to linux)

 -the site http://blabluga.hell.pl/QGLViewer/sid does not exist (New to 

 -adding deb-src http://geo.hmg.inpg.fr/~smilauer/yade 
<http://geo.hmg.inpg.fr/%7Esmilauer/yade> in adept "third party" makes 
adept unaccessible . What are the correct attributes?(Installation of 
yade on debian or kubuntu)
My major problem is caused by this QGLViewer thing. I use a Matrox 
Millienium G550 graphic card (mga driver), so I have no 3D acceleration. 
To install QGLViewer I used the following procedure (gcc 4.1.2).
    tar -xzf libQGLViewer-2.2.6-2.tar.gz 
    cd libQGLViewer-2.2.6-2/QGLViewer
    make install

after that I compiled yade successfully.

Unfortunately running yade ->New Simulation results in a spontaneous 
logout/crash. I tried some of the QGLViewer examples and sometimes the 
closing of such an example results also in an spontaneaous logout.

I also have a
X error: BadDevice.... device 169
while invoking yade.

has anybody a solution?

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