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Re: libqglviewer-2.2.6-3 or 2.2.2-3


> Hi!
> Still trying to get this highly sensitive 3D part of yade to work. I 
> have now a new 8500GT card. I used "envy" and installed the actual 
> libQGLViewer-2.2.6-3 and  the examples from the viewer compile and run fine.
> But the compilation of YADE fails because it does not find the 
> libQGLViewer. You recommend the use of a libqglviewer-2.2.2-3 package. 
> Is it a version Problem? Are the capitals in the spelling the problem? 
> How can YADE be made aware of the new QGLViewer?
Hi, I updated scons script in the last commit (1231) to look for 
libqglviewer (as opposed to libQGLViewer) as well. That might be the 
cause of your problem. Drivers have (AFAIK) nothing to do with libqglveiwer.

Have a look at ../build-svn1230/config.log (or wherever the builddir 
is), that will tell you exactly why scons thinks you don't have 
qglviewer. If you feel lost anyway, post that file here.

Regards, Václav

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