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Re: some questions (MacroMicroElasticRelationship)


> In short, MacroMicroElasticRelationship convert the Macro material
> parameters: Young's Modulus and Poisson's ratio, into the contact stiffness
> Kn and Ks
> Feng

Thanks. But I know it. Me details interest.
The ElasticContactLaw is the linear contact model (is it the Cundall&Strack's 
model?) therefore, in my opinion, the contact stiffness (kn, ks) and the 
viscous damping coefficients (cn,cs) should be calculated proceeding from   
the coefficient of restitution and duration of impact. While as parameters 
for more sophisticated nonlinear model on the basis of theory Hertz Poisson's 
ratio and Young's modulus should serve. How these parameters are used in the 
linear model? Where I can read about it?
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