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Re: some questions (MacroMicroElasticRelationship)


You can implement viscous damping by yourself by writing a separate engine, 
and if you use viscous damping, there is no need to calculate the restitution 
coefficient (but surely there is a relationship between them).


>===== Original Message From sega <dorofeenko@xxxxxxxxx> =====
>> In short, MacroMicroElasticRelationship convert the Macro material
>> parameters: Young's Modulus and Poisson's ratio, into the contact stiffness
>> Kn and Ks
>> Feng
>Thanks. But I know it. Me details interest.
>The ElasticContactLaw is the linear contact model (is it the Cundall&Strack's
>model?) therefore, in my opinion, the contact stiffness (kn, ks) and the
>viscous damping coefficients (cn,cs) should be calculated proceeding from
>the coefficient of restitution and duration of impact. While as parameters
>for more sophisticated nonlinear model on the basis of theory Hertz Poisson's
>ratio and Young's modulus should serve. How these parameters are used in the
>linear model? Where I can read about it?
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